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 1961   Hubei Tri-Ring Forging Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961, formerly known as Gucheng tractor station;

 1985   In 1985, renamed as “Gucheng Auto Parts Factory”, and began to enter the domestic market;

 1994   In 1994, renamed as Dongyin Automotive Parts Forging Co., Ltd”;

 2000   In 2000, joined Hubei Tri-Ring Group and changed its name to “Tri-Ring Group Gucheng Dongyin Forging Co., Ltd.”;

        2002   In 2002, renamed as Hubei Tri-Ring Forging Co., Ltd, realized the production and sales over 100 million, profits and taxes over 10 million;       

        2010   In 2010, 140,000 square meters of Guoshan plant was completed and put into operation;

        2013    In 2013, Tri-Ring (Gucheng) Industrial Park had been established and entered the phase of overall construction. In the same year, the export project of Daimler steering Knuckle was launched;

        2015    In 2015, The international development strategy reward the effect, and export products over 100 million yuan;

        2016    In 2016, the first phase of the Tri-Ring (Gucheng) industrial park was completed and put into operation

        2017    In 2017, the industrial park realized intelligent manufacturing. SAP/PLM/MES system online and won the Yangtze River Quality Award,SAP/PLM/MES,The 7th Yangtze River Quality Award of Hubei Province

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