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Our Vision、Mission、Core Value

Enterprise Logo of Tri-Ring Group:


——The company logo three rings mean three core business in Tri-Ring Group, namely auto parts manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, trade and sales.

1、Enterprise Mission

Committed to providing safe, high-quality and green forging products.

The company adheres to the principle of customer first, through the establishment of management innovation, technical innovation, energy conservation and environment protection, stable and reliable quality, service satisfactory, provide users with safe, high-quality and green forging parts with the responsible attitude to consumers, main engine plant and the society.

2、Enterprise Vision

To be a leading brand for steering knuckle in the worldwide in 2050

Our company is committed to the R&D, design and manufacturing of automobile steering knuckle, ranking the first brand of heavy truck steering knuckle in China, and becoming the leading brand in the global steering knuckle industry by 2050.

3、Enterprise core value

Integrity, Pragmatic, Innovation

4、Tri- Ring Group’s core value

Strengthen from integrity, wisdom from heart, achieve customer, create the future

5、Enterprise Strategy

      Adjust structure, up to level, internationalization

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